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Mayber later?

2013, 10'

A history of relations between the two close relatives. The whole existence of grandmother Maya revolves around her lovely grandchild Tamara. However, a granddaughter has grown and don’t want to tell grandmother the details of her life. Their conflicting relations reach a… Continue Reading →

The THING that kills me, it’s…

2013, 18''
Mystic, Thriller

The terrible “Thing” pursues the girl. It’s trying to strangle her, to drown her, to throw her off the roof and in the end it turns out that there is something inside of her subconscious.

Monetary buffoonery

2012, 11'
Comedy film/movie, Eccentric comedy

Two sisters are walking down the street, and suddenly a suitcase with money is falling in front of them. Girls try to decide whether to leave this wealth themselves or is it better to find the owner? When they’re trying… Continue Reading →


2013, 19'
Drama, Satirical comedy

TOK TV channel launches a new reality show “The apartment” . The most interesting and extravagant characters are selected to participate in this show, which will not set anyone aside. But, for the sake of picture fullness, there is a… Continue Reading →


2012, 73'

“1210” – a shrill story about a”little man” who is trying to get justice from the government. But his efforts are doomed in advance. He – is not a wanted old man, against which is taken up arms by even… Continue Reading →

The Diary of sounds

2012, 28'
Buddy movie, Drama

The topic was inspired by a story of Haruki Murakami. But even who read the story, hardly recognize it on the screen. It’s totally a different story. It brings near together with the former – only slight ache caused by… Continue Reading →

Mirror World

2012, 5'
Magical realism

This story is told from the face of a lonely man who walks in the forest near his home every day. I made this film during my staying in a creative residence in the United States (Connecticut). For me it… Continue Reading →


2012, 17'

There are a few days till the wedding of Michael and Victoria. Suddenly, Michael starts to get strange messages from the future on his phone …

Where the goat was

2012, 9'

This film is based on the eponymous fairy tale, but it is presented from unexpected angles. By format – short film, but containing a very saturated and intriguing history. With all its ambition, it can compete with the feature film.


2012, 10'

This is a little story about a person who has a passion for alcohol, and bit by bit he is degrading without any thoughts where it would lead to.

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