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Jane`s pain

2012, 26'

They had been friends since childhood. Both managed to fall in love with the same girl at school, but then quarreled. Now they are thirty-three, and meet again at a birthday party. So what is the value of their friendship… Continue Reading →


2011, 13'
Fantastic movie/film

Film shows the contrast of technical progress and the degradation of human relationships.

If it sounds, it exists

2012, 20'

This is a story about women’s vocal ensemble that has existed in St. Petersburg for twenty years, and it has the honorary title of ‘People’s Team’. They give people their art and tours through Europe. Rehearsals are held in the… Continue Reading →

In the rhythm of your life

2012, 3'
Public service announcement

Film is the official video gift for Ivano-Frankivsk city on its 350 th anniversary. This work was selected by Lars von Trier to participate in the «Gesamt» project.

Scattered wizard

2011, 7'

Ingenious, but scattered scientist, inventor of dodgy and funny cars, wants to show off his magical abilities, and turns a horse into a cat. As a result, it turns out amazing creature ― Horsecat. During the day she works not… Continue Reading →

Love and Thirst

2012, 4'

Tormented by thirst, the main hero of the film is lying in the arms of his young wife. He not wanting to disturb her sleep takes an unexpected decision to quench his thirst.

Silent screen

2012, 19'

The young conductor Mitya from Moscow is returning for a few days in a provincial town to visit his father. He immediately meets his two best friends for youth. Closed ‘love triangle’, as it was formed in the walls of… Continue Reading →


2013, 4'

The film shows the people, whose lives are spelled out for them. They collate every action with the script, which they always carry with them.

Hanging-on-the-phone man

2013, 5'

Both comic and tragic story is about a man, who withdraws into itself, but tries to keep in touch with the world by phone.


2012, 11'

Habit is a part of the behavior, the implementation of which has become a necessity, and requires no conscious efforts. Sometimes people are afraid of parting with their past, desperately clinging to it, tie their hands, refusing a new happier… Continue Reading →

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