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2011, 15'
Social drama

Timka is a homeless boy, which is looking for a place for a night’s lodging. By chance, he gets into Philharmonic Society and opens a wonderful world of music.

Ann, “Volga”, Rock’n Roll

2011, 72'

A girl, whose name is Ann, wants to meet her destiny while traveling alone. Music and a retro automobile “Volga” helps her in it. Though, she does not even have an idea that the Destiny also watches her and prepares… Continue Reading →


2012, 7'

She saw him again seducing another woman… And she hears again lies and excuses. It is not within her power to finish these relations. But when nerves are strained to the limit – even a phrase flung by somebody can… Continue Reading →

Once upon a fall

2012, 28'

In the park a young musician tells his beloved girl that he has to move to another city for his career. The girl’s dreams about common future are destroyed, and it seems to her that after the parting her existence… Continue Reading →

Don’t worry, daughter, I will find a daddy for you

2014, 14'

A film about loneliness of a big city, how difficult it is to find your soul mate, especially in such a delicate state…


2009, 5'

Every day from morning till evening a fisherman sits by the lake and waits for yield, while nearby a road construction begins. There appears a contrast between two worlds: a world of the fisherman who does not feel time and… Continue Reading →

I am still alive

2014, 6'

A man who lives abroad. There is a cruel war in his country. Somebody calls him from his country, but at this time the man was having a nap as he was very tired, and did not hear the call,… Continue Reading →

The illusion of happiness

2012, 10'

The homeless boy is going to the market to steel something to eat and during one of his “journeys” he meets a successful businessman, the owner of new counters. Who is happier? The merchant who lives in plenty and makes… Continue Reading →


2012, 10'

In “Artek” camp is carrying on the sport session. The teams are competing in the stadium. The only goal for them – is to win. The only realities are start, speed and result in any case. Right here, right now…. Continue Reading →


2012, 12'
Drama, Musical movie/film

The movie is about the unity of man and creating power of nature, his lost and search, his resurrection through pain and suffering. The perfection of nature, human body and music…

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