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The debt

2010, 25'
Comedy film/movie

Multi-genre parody about how three bad fellows lost their way with a large black package…


2013, 2'

Movie about the girl`s dream and the nature of the sleep.

Happy birthday, Daddy

2013, 7'

Short film with an interesting plot.

To live, not to surrender

2013, 14'

This movie is the portrait of a strong character man who was able to handle the heavy hit of the fate, managed to overcome the fear to remain an invalid forever, he believed in own forces and compelled himself to… Continue Reading →


2012, 10'
Public service announcement

According to the foreign statistics 3 million people dies from a sudden death every year.

Nightly guest

2014, 3'
Comedy film/movie, Horror movie/film

Unexpected story, which happens at night with a young girl.

The night

2013, 20'

Night. Sonya comes to Pasha in midnight, when her husband leaves the town. Sonya wants to decide on her own, finally, how correctly she dealt, having finished six-month love-affair with Pasha.

The razor

2014, 12'

1923 year, numerous refugees arrive to Germany, rescuing from the consequences of The Red revolution in Russia. There is a former white army soldier Ivanov in the small Berlin barber’s shop, he speaks German a little and he outlived a… Continue Reading →

The Plug

2013, 2'
Public service announcement

Everybody has a cavity inside, and everybody stops up it variously.

To smoke out is even more stupid…

2012, 2'
Public service announcement

Series of 4 original social ads against smoking. Whatever only is done by the heroes with cigarettes, in any case, to smoke them out is more stupid.

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