“1210” – a shrill story about a”little man” who is trying to get justice from the government. But his efforts are doomed in advance. He – is not a wanted old man, against which is taken up arms by even his own family.

Nikolai Baranov is a veteran of the forgotten Afghan war, required by “veteran” rise for retirement – one thousand two hundred and ten rubles. But the rise was canceled. The former company commander finds out about this on the anniversary of the death of his son. One thousand two hundred and ten rubles closed the chain of bitter events.

Aggrieved dignity, feelings of guilt and despair push an officer to a terrible thing to do. An act that could vindicate only madness, multiply on despair. However, it is still a question – he is mad in this “normal” world and the “normal” world has gone mad with indifference?

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Moscow Festival of Department of Culture GBUK “Moscow Cinema” – “Panorama of the Russian cinema”, a diploma for “The Best premiere at ” Tribune ” Cinema Club”, (Moscow), 2012