FYA we have 10 important recommendations for screwing up the distribution of your motion picture. 

Many producers often fall back only on some of the methods mentioned below, while bringing the results of work of the entire film crew and actors to naught.

1. Forget about such a word as “marketing”.
Your film is wonderful and the script great (kidding aside). There is no point in spending money on marketing, `cause people will come to watch it anyway.

2. Outdoor advertising and nothing extra.
If you have still decided to advertise your film, ATL must be your ace boon-coon British your best mate or your old bean (forget about BTL). Outdoor banner ad is the best one. Place your banner next to the banner of “The Amazing Spider-Man 3” or “Avatar 2”. Cinemagoers will definitely come to watch your film.

3. Marketing of the film is as easy as ABC!
All suggestions of PR and advertising agencies must be met by flat refusal. Communication with specialists will also take you nowhere. You can do it yourself just fine. Marketing of the film is like taking a candy from a child.

4. Start your PR campaign 2 weeks before distribution
Begin to think about marketing and PR a month or even 2 weeks before distribution. As the saying goes: cross the bridge when you come to it. Better go to some resort and “recharge your batteries” before the opening night.
And, of course, don`t forget about paragraph 3.

5. Social networks are evil.
Forget about Facebook, Twitter, Shooting People, Vk.com and other social media for there are no real people there, but only nerds! Promote your film only in regional printed media.

6. Market is everywhere the same.
Wherever you show your film – in CIS, Europe or Latin America, it will be perceived equally well. Don`t spend your time and money on market analysis and adaptation of the film to a certain region. Humor is international – the Russians and the Americans will surely laugh at the same things.

7. Shh – don`t tell anyone!
Don`t tell that you are shooting a film under any circumstances, until it is 100% ready. Don`t tell even if your friends ask you about it. Don`t tell, even if mass media invite you to give an interview. Don`t bloody tell, even if some distributor expresses their interest. Be careful, don`t put a jinx on it!

8. End-of-semester exams? What the hell?
The core audience of your film is youth and students, huh? Then it would be logical if the distribution starts during the exam week. It doesn`t really matter that the students will be busy studying to prepare themselves for the test, having sleepless nights, refraining from sex, chocolate and other pleasures. The film is good indeed, isn`t it?

9. Press-screening is not that necessary.
The information about your film will be available in mass media. There is no point in holding press-screening and inviting journalists to watch your film. They will go to the cinema themselves if they want. Plus you will avoid spending money on drinks and buffet, identity tags, printing of press-releases and rent of the venue.

10. Trust the chance
Fortune telling is the common way of forecasting incomes from distribution and stimulation of it. You can read tea leaves or cards, for example. As for marketing, BTL and PR – these are just dirty words, especially when the money for your film is given to you by the state. Save your time and nerves and let things happen as they will!

P.S.1 Dear colleagues! If you are counting on a good box-office and appreciate your film, work of actors and crew – never follow this instruction!

P.S.2 We are sure that you are a great producer/director and everything is gonna be fine for you! We wish you a blasting box-office and grateful spectators!

Author of the article:

Illia Svidler,

PR & BTL in film industry, head  of the department,

“CinemaHall”, president


(Translation: Olga Radjabova and Eugene Zagoruyko)