Timka is a homeless boy, which is looking for a place for a night’s lodging. By chance, he gets into Philharmonic Society and opens a wonderful world of music.

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Social drama

Fictional movies

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September, 2011 — Kyiv International film festival
December, 2011 — student’s festival «Prolog» (Kyiv, Ukraine)
May, 2012 — «Golden Vityaz’» Internationanl movie forum (Russia)
June, 2012 — Saint Petersburg international film-video creative work festival “Scissors” (Russia)
June, 2012 — The 20th international Saint Petersburg film festival «Festival of Festivals» (Russia)
July, 2012 — The 16th film festial «Open Night» (Ukraine)
• The prize “Unveiling of festival” — a character of the film «Тimka» actor Timofey Antropov
July, 2012 — Odessa International film festival (Ukraine)
July, 2012— The 2nd International youth film festival «The Light of a World» (Russia)
• the 3rd place in the feature film nomination
• “Yarcinema” diploma of the best fiction film
August, 2012 – Koktebel International film festival (Ukraine)
August, 2012 – The 7th festival of independence film «CinemaLion» (Ukraine)

September, 2012 – Krivoy Rog Film Festival “Cinema under the stars. Double 3 “(Ukraine)

September, 2012- Tarkovskih Award (Ukraine)

September, 2012 – A Film Festival “Kinokimeriya” (Ukraine)

September-October, 2012 – International Film Forum «Golden Guepard» (Uzbekistan)

October, 2012 – International Youth Festival of short films and animation «METERS» (Tver, Russia)

October, 2012 – Festival of short films “Step Forward” (Russia)

October, 2012 – International Youth Film Festival “EU EM” (Yerevan, Armenia)

October, 2012 – Konotopskiy Film Festival “Rudy kіn”

  • the 2nd place in the category of dramatic film

November, 2012 – Film Festival “Radiant Angel” (Russia)

October, 2012 – Festival “Art-Of-Fest” (Moscow, Russia)

  • Prize for the Best Screenplay

November, 2012 – XVII International Festival of Cinema and TV “Radonezh” (Moscow, Russia).

December, 2012 – International Jewish Film Festival “KinoMig” (Odessa, Ukraine)

December, 2012 – Belarusian Forum alternative video “KinoVarka” (Minsk, Belarus)

  • Prize “The Best music (sound) design”

December, 2012 – “START” Film Festival (Baku, Azeybardzhan)

December, 2012 – Youth Video Festival “Golden cassette” (Volgograd, Russia)

  • «Golden Film” (The Best Film).

December, 2012 – The fifth Amateur Film Festival “Megapolis” (Moscow, Russia)

December, 2012 – The International Film Festival of Young Cinema “10 Muse” (Kiev, Ukraine).

February, 2013 – International Candlemas Day of Orthodox Film Festival “Meeting”. (Kaluga, Russia)

February, 2013 – IV “GOLDEN APPLAUSE” Festival (Chelyabinsk, Russia)

August, 2013 – Outdoor festival of amateur cinema “Molybdenum mug” (Guryevsk, Russia)

July, 2013 – da Vinci Film Festival (USA)

2013 – Festival of free art “YOUR HOME”

  • 1st place